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Cup & Saucer Tournaments

As usual the normal scoring system applies, but remember, in the Cup the highest scoring team from each match will progress to the next stage and in the Saucer it's the lowest scoring team that goes through! In the event of a tie, a total score based on the original unique selections will be used to determine the winner/loser. If that doesn't resolve the issue then the driver laps completed will be considered... And failing that, the improvement points!

There will be four preliminary pools of ten teams, with the top eight from each going into the Cup and the lowest eight into the Saucer. These initial pools will be contested over two races; subsequent rounds will be drawn for the knockout stages and will take place as follows:

- Preliminary pools in Portugal + Spain (40 teams)
- Round 1 in Monaco + Azerbaijan (32 teams)
- Round 2 in France + Styria (16 teams)
- Quarter-Finals in Austria + Britain (8 teams)
- Semi-Finals in Hungary + Belgium (4 teams)
- Final in Netherlands + Italy (2 teams)

All will become crystal clear - just watch this space and good luck!