Dick's Diatribe...

DIUpdate - 17 Sep: DW 5!

DIUpdate - 17 Sep: And Peter four!

DIUpdate - 16 Sep: Mr. T makes it three in the stoppers camp!

DIUpdate - 14 Sep: So nearly top tipping from DI! Chris did indeed lead the way this week and Ben was oh-so-nearly bottom - just pipped (5 points) by the resurgent Nick. After Chris we had Ian C, John M, Thomas (joint biggest climber, up 3 places as were Corinna and Yasin), Corinna, Jen, Peter, James L, (only one of the championship top 10 in the race top ten this week with Thomas), Yasin and Dan. Rob stays top but Niel gains 1 point on him, enough for them to share the European mini-league after 13 GPs - remarkable! They gain on James K, then it's Andrew (going for a double of Championship wins), Djamila, Mr. T, James L, Thomas, Lucy and Cup-winner Niel (beating number 3 in the Championship, James K, in the final, great performance). Simon drops out of the top ten, down 5 in 11th. At the bottom top marks to Nick, followed by Ben, John Fi, Jamie, Simon, Saucer winner David (beating Ross, another great show and our Cup and Saucer winners were 'worse' placed in the Championship than their rivals), Toby, Ian B and Pascale. Ross stays in the lead followed by Pascale but it's Nick who is the big story, now 3rd bottom and right back in the Turner race. We then have Richard B, David and Pauline then it's a bit of a gap to Manon, George, John Fa and John Fi - but Nick has shown that a few 'good' races can put you right back in the title hunt! And so to Sochi - will will see any pit-stops?

DIUpdate - 12 Sep: Dick's tips? Well for top spot in Monza DI's going for Chris - everyone home, second place (NOR) and the MCL podium bonus, DI thinks this will be enough. For bottom spot it's tough, but I reckon HAM/TSU/MER will be the combination to have and DI's tip is Ben - now we'll see what the man who counts, DW, says!

DIUpdate - 11 Sep: So Ross brings in RAI (currently Kubica) and AST for GIO and ALP. This means Ross has the same driver line-up as Pascale, only AST (Ross) and ALP (Pascale) being different. Compared to Richard B it's RAI (Ross) V GIO (Richard B) and AST (Ross) V ALP (Richard B). Meanwhile Nick, also in the Turner race, will be hoping for a LEC failure and Nick, Pauline and David need a bad result for VET. Tight at the top - and bottom!

DIUpdate - 10 Sep: No pit-stop updates yet but it appears we've only got one stopper, Ross. So it's LAT V MSC for Rob and Niel, both after the European mini-league (and leadership of the championship) - or can James K or Andrew mount a challenge? A bad gp for BOT/SAI and a good one for NOR/ALO could see James K challenge while if BOT fails and GAS does well Andrew could gain. At the bottom we've yet to see Ross' changes but could Nick continue his recent charge? A bad weekend for VET/LEC/TSU is what Nick needs!

DIUpdate - 7 Sep: Well DI is feeling pretty pleased with himself. His tips, Nick and Simon, were pretty good (Nick bottom, Simon 4th top), and his preDIction that penalty bonuses could be key came true! Top this week was Rob, ahead of Ian B (biggest climber, up three places) and Niel and his gain over Niel was indeed largely down to penalty bonuses - step into the limelight LAT! Then we had Simon, Djamila, Andrew, Anne-Marie, Mr. T, Neil and James L. Rob takes over at the top from Niel (by five) and also takes the lead in his speciality, the European mini-league, by one. With Niel wanting the European mini-league to complete his 'set' and match Corinna what excitement we will have in Monza! Will we see a pit stop from either or both of these title titans? At the bottom Nick was top just one point ahead of George, then it was David, Pascale, Pauline, Ross, Richard B, John Fa, Corinna and John Fi. Ross retains his lead in the Turner but close challengers Pascale, Richard B, Nick and Pauline are all in with a shout of the title. David is next, a little way back then Manon, George, John Fa and Sarah. The Cup and Saucer finals are brilliantly poised - in the Cup Neil leads james K by three, and in the Saucer David leads Ross by eight - so all to play for in Monza. Brilliant!

DIUpdate - 5 Sep: Dick's tips? Well with most getting round and only two retirements (and both TSU and MAZ got over half way) things will be close. For bottom spot Dick's tipping Nick, he has the TSU/MAZ pairing and none of his teams finished in the top ten. All those with VER/BOT (I think) have TSU so might it be someone else for the top? Those penalty bonuses could be key! With no great confidence (although whether this is of any importance given DI's record in tipping) DI's going for Simon to take top spot this week.

DIUpdate - 31 Aug: Sensational Cup and Saucer drama! In the Cup James K turns a 14 point deficit into a 6 point triumph, while in the Saucer as DI expected David reverses Richard B's 8 point lead and emerges victorious. So it's James K V Neil (who won easily in his semi) in the Cup final and David V Ross (who also won easily) in the Saucer. In the League Andrew was indeed top as preDIcted, but it was another Butler, Manon, who was the lowest scorer with none of the bottom three (who all have RUS and OCO) in the lowest 10. After Andrew it was DW, Simon, Djamila, John Fa, James K, Ian C, Corinna, Ian B and Anne-Marie - 22 points covering the top 10 in the truncated Belgian GP. At the bottom after Manon it was Pauline, Ben, George, Jamie, Sarah, James L, Thomas, Peter and DI's tip Nick - 39 points covering the bottom ten with Manon a remarkable 19 clear of Pauline. Niel stays top with Rob 2nd, but James K closes in on the top two and is now only 4 behind Rob and 13 behind Niel. Then it's Andrew, Djamila, Mr. T, Simon, JAmes L, Lucy and Richard C (top rookie). At the bottom Ross retains his lead ahead of Pascale and Richard B but Nick and Pauline have closed in then it's David, Manon, John Fa, George and Sarah. On to Zandvoort - will we see any changes?

DIUpdate - 29 Aug: Dick's tips? Well, not much change overall but I think the Saucer is the place to look for excitement - going into Belgium Richard B had an 8-point lead over David, but Richard has RUS in his line-up; could RUS's good qualifying (and race) performance have tipped the scales in favour of David? For top score DI's going for Andrew with the VER
/RUS combination and for lowest - well you want no-one doing OK in qualifying and no penalty bonuses, and DI's tipping Nick - a man without RUS and OCO, who both grace the bottom three line-ups!

DIUpdate - 28 Aug: The bottom three all have RUS - who is 2nd on the grid so points there even if he doesn't finish in the top ten! They also all have OCO (in the top ten) but STR 20th is something they can celebrate. Nick's VET/LEC/TSU might be a good option - but VET was good in qualifying. That first lap might be crucial!

DIUpdate - 26 Aug: So for Pascale it's RUS and STR for VET and LAT; VET's been doing too well recently to be included in a Turner chasing line-up! 32 points between Pascale and Ross and it's a RAI V GIO battle; 36 between Pascale and Richard B and it's a RAI V GIO battle again. Pascale will be hoping for a few RAI retirements in the next few races! Could Nick, the only one of the bottom six with the VET/LEC/TSU combination, gain if they all have a bad race?

DIUpdate - 6 Aug: Looks like 9 TPs found themselves ejected from the route-66 challenge in Hungary - the highest drop-out rate this season!

DIUpdate - 5 Aug: A race of drama! Let's start with the Cup and Saucer, where we've got 2 tight semi-finals and two not so tight. In the Cup Neil is well ahead (94 points) of Richard C but Mr. T has only a 14 lead over James K, while in the Saucer Ross is 108 ahead of Jen but Richard B is just 8 ahead of David - so all to play for in at least two semi-finals! In the League Phil led the way, ahead of Ian B and DI's tip Ben and the it was Andrew, Niel and Rob, Simon, Manon, Jen and Mr. T. Niel stays top 11 ahead of Rob but it would have been just a 1-point difference if it were not for MSC's penalty bonus. James K is 3rd while Andrew climbs to 4th and Djamila 5th. Then it's Mr. T, James L, Simon (biggest climber of the week, up 5 places), Lucy and Richard C (down 6 places but not the biggest faller this week, that 'accolade' goes to Peter, down 9 places). At the other end of the table Chris led the way ahead of Toby, Nick, Malcolm, John Fa, Yasin, George, Peter, Corinna and Richard C - so none of the bottom three in the :League in the bottom ten places. Ross takes the Turner lead from Pascale then it's Richard B and Nick, who has hauled himself back into the Turner race along with David who is just 1 behind Nick then it's Pauline, John Fa, Manon, George and Sarah. A short break before Spa - will we see any pit-stops?

DIUpdate - 1 Aug: Dick's tips? Well after what might be termed an 'eventful' race in Budapest Dick's expecting a few surprises. I reckon those at the bottom with VET/OCO will do surprisingly well but for top spot I'm tipping Ben - all drivers home, 1st and 3rd in the race and only one 1 team retirement. As for the lowest well DI reckons a BOT/PER/NOR combination is going to be hard to beat and DI's going for Peter - although Yasin and Richard C will push him close!

DIUpdate - 30 Jul: Did I say Saucer finalist for David? My mistake, David is hoping to be a Saucer finalist, but has Saucer maestro Richard B to overcome first in the semi-final!

DIUpdate - 30 Jul: So Pauline ditches ALO/TSU for OCO/LAT; fellow Turner hopeful and Saucer finalist goes for VET/RAI for RIC/GIO; while at the other end of the table Liam makes one team change, FER for TAU. Let's see who gains in Hungary!

DIUpdate - 26 Jul: Dick's tips Ben and Pascale were close - but not top scorers in Britain! Yasin led the way at Silverstone closely followed by Phil, Malcolm, Jamie, Jen, Dan, Ben, John M, Peter (biggest climber up four places) and Chris. Niel stays top but Rob (going for An F1DT and FEDT title double) closes the gap still further and James K is right in there as well, and these three have a bit of a lead over the rest. Richard C is 4th, then big climber Peter, Andrew, James L, Djamila, Mr. T and Lucy (best of the pit-stoppers, up two places). At the bottom Ian B led the way ahead of Pauline, Manon, Pascale, DW, David, Nick, Simon (biggest faller, down five places), John Fi and Anne-Marie. Pascale retains and extends her Turner lead over Ross, then it's Richard B, Nick, Pauline, David, Manon, John Fa, George and John Fi. Next stop Budapest!

DIUpdate - 20 Jul: We'll start this write-up with the Cup and Saucer quarter-finals - where the British GP delivered both drama and excitement! In the Cup coming into the race at Silverstone 1st placed Niel led by 13 and 2nd placed Rob led by 13 in their ties - but both ended up defeated! Niel was unable to retain his lead and lost out by 17 to Richard C, while Rob was put to the sword by the lowest ranked TP in the quarter-finals, Neil, by 21. James K and Mr. T managed to hang onto their leads and it's Mr. T V James K and Neil V Richard C in the semis - so we are guaranteed a new name on the trophy! In the Saucer DI wasn't expecting any of the first leg leads to be overturned but this turned out to be wrong - Richard B, David and Ross all ended up winning comfortably (122, 119 and 141 the margins) but Jen (not David as in previous post, sorry both!) overturned a 54-point lead by Sarah to claim victory by 7 points. So it's Jen V Ross and Richard B V David in the semi-finals - three new faces and experienced Saucer hand Richard B (2 titles). Another 2-legger in the semi-finals (Hungary and Belgium) so once again things can change dramatically!

DIUpdate - 18 Jul: Dick's tips? Well for top spot I'm going for Ben, I think four in the top ten and all finishing should be enough. Bottom I reckon VET is the man to have and I think it may be Pascale who comes out on top. I think LAT will have outscored MSC (more improvement points again) so Rob will close the gap on Niel and Richard C may have done enough to pip Niel in the Cup QFs. Now we'll see what the man who counts, DW says!

DIUpdate - 15 Jul: It's all to play for in the Cup and Saucer this weekend a Silverstone. In the Cup James K leads Andrew by 24, Mr. T leads Thomas by 34, Rob leads Neil by 13 and Niel leads Richard C by 13. In the Saucer the leads are bigger, with Sarah 54 ahead of Dan, Richard B 104 ahead of George, David 70 ahead of John Fa and Ross 142 ahead of Anne-Marie. So DI will be surprised to see the Saucer QFs change much but there's all to play for in the Cup. DI's ones to watch? The two 13-point ties in the Cup!

DIUpdate - 6 Jul: Almost top tipping - Rob did indeed pip Niel but DI hadn't read the rules properly which are that the first pit-stop bonus applies to teams not drivers - hence while GIO did stop first the bonus goes to ALF - hence Pascale wasn't bottom! At the top LAT did indeed outscore MSC (by one) hence Rob did get one more point than Niel. Simon (up 3 places) was just behind, then Lucy, James K, Neil, Richard C (also up 3 places, as was Yasin), Peter, Mr. T and Djamila. Niel stays top with Rob moving 2nd and James K is just behind our these two double league winners. Then it's Richard C climbing to 4th followed by Djamila, Andrew, Mr. T, Simon, Peter and James L (who was the biggest faller, down 6 places). At the bottom Richard B and Ross were equal lowest, then Pascale, David, Manon, Malcolm, Ben, Pauline, Nick and George. Ross takes over the lead from Pascale (by one point!) followed by Richard B, Nick, David, Pauline, Manon, John Fa, George and Sarah. First leg of the Cup and Saucer quarter-finals as well, but that write-up if for another day!

DIUpdate - 4 Jul: Dick's tips? Well for last place I reckon you need the OCO/ALP combination but which of the bottom three (Pascale, Ross, or Richard B) will it be? Any bonuses could be critical, and GIO (I think) stopped early so I'm going for Pascale! As for top I reckon a VER/BOT/SAI trio will be tough to beat and I think Rob may just pip Niel (those bonus points again) - LAT got, I think, slightly more improvement points than MSC - but did MSC get any penalty points?

DIUpdate - 3 Jul: NOR did well in qualifying and that should help James K. Mind you, if VER and NOR collide and take each other out then James L could be smiling!

DIUpdate - 28 Jun: Almost 100% with the tips this week - but not quite. John Fi's GAS/RUS/TAU trio proved to be just (2 points overall) better than Richard B and Ross' RUS/WIL pairing. At the top Niel was indeed top closely followed by Rob, then Peter, James L (biggest climber, up four places as were Toby and Dan), Neil (despite TAU), Toby, James K, Lucy, Thomas and Simon. Niel takes top spot after his two 'season's best' high scores in the last two races, followed by James K and Rob. These three have a bit of a lead now over the rest of the top ten James L, Andrew, Djamila, Richard C, Mr. T, Thomas and Peter. At the bottom John Fi, as already mentioned, did brilliantly to pip Ross and Richard B, then we had David, Pascale, Nick, Manon, John Fa, John M (all the John's in the bottom ten there) and Dan. Pascale retains the Turner but is only 5 ahead of Ross and then it's Richard B, Nick, Pauline, David, Manon, John Fa, George and Sarah. In the Cup and Saucer there were no real surprises, with the Richard B V Pascale battle in the Saucer (both previous winners) proving very close as expected with Richard B eventually winning by 14 points (and Pascale would have won in 5 of the other 7 ties). Neil is the only non-top-ten TP in the Cup quarter-finals while Dan and Anne-Marie fly the non-bottom-ten TPs flag in the Saucer QFs. It's very close at the top and bottom of the League - those bonuses (and TSU and BOT both got penalty bonuses this week) could be crucial!

DIUpdate - 27 Jun: Dick's Styrian Tips? Well I reckon it could be two in two for Niel although Rob will run him very close (Neil did well as well but I think he will suffer from TAU). As for last place I'm going for an equal last place shared by Richard B and Ross - surely that WIL/RUS duo will be the key!

DIUpdate - 25 Jun: Rob goes VER/TSU for PER/GAS; for Niel it's ALF for WIL (and Rob and Niel now have just one difference, MSC and LAT); for Richard B it's STR/OCO for VET/ALO (making use of his 1-star 'flexibility'); like Richard Ross brings in STR/OCO but it's for VET/TSU, and Richard and Ross now have identical line-ups; while for Neil it's VER/SAI for PER/LEC and now the same driver line-up as the other (but differently spelt) Niel. Will any of them gain in Austria? We'll see!

DIUpdate - 24 Jun: Lovers of uncertainty should take a look at F1DT's electronic partner, FEDT. Two TPs have a highest and lowest score, and none of the bottom nine are in the Spoon (FEDT's equivalent of the Saucer) semi-finals. In fact one TP in the Egg (FEDT equivalent of the Cup) semi-finals is lower placed in the League than three of the Spoon semi-finalists! Leader was way ahead but in the space of two races is now 4th. Brilliant.

DIUpdate - 22 Jun: Pretty close with the tips - Simon was 3rd (only 7 behind the top score) while Pascale was 2nd (4 adrift of the high Turner score). Niel took top spot with the first 600-plus score of the year with James K next, then Simon, Mr. T, Peter, Djamila (would have been up with Simon without the pit-stop), James L, Rob, Lucy (gained 15 from the pit-stop, good move) and Richard C. James K stays top but Niel climbs to 2nd (one of six TPs up 2 places) then Andrew, Rob, Djamila, Mr. T (also up 2 places), Richard C, James L, Thomas and Liam. Best low score was in fact David (who would have been 4 points 'better' off without the pit-stop) ahead of partner Pascale, then Manon, Richard B, Nick, Pauline, Ross, Jen, John Fa and John Fi. Pascale stays ahead in the Turner but has Ross, Nick, Richard B, Pauline, David, Manon and John Fa not far behind, with George and Sarah slightly further back. In the Cup and Saucer our 'in both' pair look to be stronger in one than the other - Djamila is only 17 behind James K in the Cup but way adrift of Jen in the Saucer, while Sarah is 29 ahead of Phil in the Saucer but 71 behind Thomas in the Cup. Mind you, a few retirements in Styria can change everything!

DIUpdate - 20 Jun: Dick's tips? Very tough but my tip for the top is Simon with his BOT/VER/ALO combination, with major place gainer TSU thrown in. Bottom is really tough, with no retirements but DI's going for Pascale - only VET in the points driver-wise!

DIUpdate - 20 Jun: Two STR/TSU droppers (Djamila and Ian B) - but I suspect STR/TSU would have done rather well being the biggest climbers on the grid! Is VER/SAI a better scorer than BOT/PER for Lucy (I suspect just)? Whereas for David I reckon RIC/OCO is pretty much the same score as VET/GAS! Ah, the difficulty of pit-stops....

DIUpdate - 18 Jun: And so to the pit-stops. For Djamila it's one 3-2 (STR/TSU) for another (GAS/MSC); David drops VET and GAS in favour of RIC and OCO; Ian B thinks like Djamila and drops STR/TSU but one replacement is different, LAT instead of Djamila's MSC; while for Lucy her 4-star pairing of BOT/PER males way for 5-star VER and 3-star SAI (her other 4 starrer, NOR, keeping his seat). Let's see which have made the right choice for France - and who, if any, will be repeating James L's comment!

DIUpdate - 13 Jun: Tough for Djamila to get through in the Cup and Saucer. Leader James K in the Cup and 25th placed Jen in the Saucer. Sarah, also in the Cup and Saucer last 16 has top-tenner Thomas in the Cup, which will be tough, but has what looks a better chance in the Saucer versus 25th placed Phil. Apart from these the ties of the round look like they are both in the Saucer - Richard B V Pascale (both previous Saucer winners) and Pauline (previous Saucer winner) V 'Turner upstart' Ross. Last 16 over 2 GPs. so things can change between race 1 and race 2!

DIUpdate - 8 Jun: Nearly but not quite with the tips - Rob was 4th and Malcolm 2nd. Liam took top spot (with the highest score so far this year) with Richard C and Neil in pursuit. Then we had DI's tip Rob, James K, Mr. T, Peter, Lucy, Andrew and Niel. James K now has equal top spot along with previous champion Andrew and then we have Rob and Niel - so James has 5 league title trophies right on his tail! Djamila dropped 3 places but retains a top 10 spot and then it's Richard C (up 4 places, impressive), Thomas, Mr. T, James L (still top ten despite the pit-stop he laments!) and Liam (up 7 places, a great showing but surpassed by Niel, up 8 places). Pascale took bottom place ahead of DI's tip Malcolm, then we had Ben, John Fa, Jen, Toby, Jamie, Ross, Manon and Richard B. Pascale takes the Turner lead and history suggests she will be difficult to displace, but Ross is close as is Nick, Richard B and Pauline. Then we have David (wing man for Pascale?), George, John Fa, Manon and Sarah. No big gaps anywhere in the League, just what DW would have wished for and still plenty of TPs in the Route-66 challenge. Next stop the Paul Ricard at Le Castellete!

DIUpdate - 7 Jun: Let's start with the Cup and Saucer today - and the first plaudits have to go to Djamila and Sarah, through to the last 16 in the Cup and Saucer! Dajmila is our only top-tenner through in the Saucer while Sarah is our only bottom-tenner through in the Cup. Can either of them make it through to the last 8 of the Cup and Saucer? A big ask but anything is possible, although as the last 16 is also over two races it's very tough. There were further cupsets as in the Cup John M (27th) put out previous Cup-winner James L (9th) by 8 points and Corinna (23rd) defeated Dan (11th) by 11 points, while in the Saucer John Fa (33rd) was victorious in his match-up with previous Saucer winner Nick (38th) by 5 points while in the Richard B V Manon (both previous Saucer winners) battle it was Richard B who finished on top by 22 points. Can't wait for the draw!

DIUpdate - 6 Jun: What a race! Dick's tips? Well for top spot I reckon it's close between Rob and Dan and my pick is Rob. As for bottom well you need OCO/STR and I think it's two in two for Malcolm. As for the Cup and Saucer, expect some surprises!

DIUpdate - 5 Jun: Bad news for Nick - LEC on pole! A number at the bottom have TSU and he did OK as well, could be interesting tomorrow. Could GAS spring a surprise? League leader Andrew will be hoping so!

DIUpdate - 25 May: Well, at least I got both tips in their respective top tens - Mr T was 6th and Niel 7th! Top scorer was indeed a VER/SAI but it was with FER - well done Djamila! Leader Andrew as 2nd, James K 3rd and Liam 4th. Then we had Niel, Mr T (biggest climber, up 6 places), Rob, Ian C, Corinna and Thomas. Andrew (looking for is 2nd title) stays top and Djamila leaps 3 places to equal 2nd with James K, then we have Niel, Rob, James L, Thomas, the charging Mr T & Jamie and Richard C. At the bottom I thought the race for last place was between Malcolm and Neil, and I tipped Neil - but Malcolm was well 'ahead' of his rivals and the biggest faller (down 11 places) by a distance. Nick was next, then Turner leader Ross, Richard B, Pascale, George, Neil, Manon, Pauline and David. Ros stays ahead in the Turner but his led is cut and he's got Nick, Pascale, Pauline and Richard B, Turner giants all, right behind him. Then it's David, George, Manon, John Fi and Sarah. DW V Mr T, David V Neil and John M V James L look close ties in the Cup while James K V Djamila (2nd V 2nd!), Neil V Pauline and John Fi V Jamie are similar in the Saucer. On to Baku - who is going to show the flexibility needed for victory?

DIUpdate - 23 May: Dick's tips? Well I reckon LEC/BOT is the pairing needed for last place and that narrows it to Malcolm or Neil, and I think Neil's FER just gives him the edge despite PER. As for top then VER/SAI is a pairing to have and in DI's estimation Mr T will take it, as the other VER/SAIs all 'enjoy' having FER in their team line-ups. More interesting perhaps what DW's decision on the LEC 'pole' is!

DIUpdate - 20 May: The big pit-stop news? Surely it has to be Turner leader Ross bringing in TSU/RUS for OCO/LAT. Also it will be interesting to see how David's changes - GAS/AST for OCO/ALF play out (interesting that both these Turner contenders have dropped OCO, the 2nd highest scoring 3-skill driver). Monaco sees leg 1 of the Cup and Saucer first rounds - who will be taking the initial lead before leg 2 in Baku?

DIUpdate - 17 May: As ever we've got some fantastic ties in the Cup and Saucer. Chris has the chance to pull off a real cupset against leader Andrew, Liam V Jen guarantees us a TP in the 20's in the League in the last 16 of the Cup, while James K V Jamie and Rob V Toby are real top of the table clashes. In the Saucer the prime pairing is surely Richard B V Manon - two Saucer winners including last year's champion going head to head (although I will also be watching John M V David and John Fa V Nick, both bottom of the table clashes), while James K V Djamila guarantees us a top five PP in the Saucer last 16 - amazing! Upsets? Watch for highflying Thomas, Richard C and Jamie to cause surprises!

DIUpdate - 10 May: Well DI's tip for the top Phil was only 49 points off top spot this week - and he wasn't even in the top ten (11th)! DI did better with Liam, only 22 off the lowest score and 3rd 'worst' (that pit-stop was a stinker). Rob led the way ahead of Mr T (biggest climber this week, up 8 places), then Thomas, Dan, Malcolm. Anne-Marie, Toby, Niel, Andrew and Dan. Andrew regains the lead from James K, then it's double champions Rob and Niel, Djamila, James L, Thomas, Jamie, Richard C and Ben. Only 81 points cover the top ten (30 the top 6) so things can change very quickly. At the bottom Pauline led the way, ahead of Nick, Liam, Sarah, Richard C (probably not what he wanted, down 6 places as a result), Richard B, George, Manon, Peter and John Fi. Ross didn't feature in the bottom 10 this week but he retains the Turner lead - but what pedigree the quartet chasing him (Nick, Pauline & Pascale, Richard B) has, 7 Turners, 7 Saucers between them! Then it's David, George, John Fa, Manon and Sarah. Rob will be chasing and F1DT and FEDT title double, while Niel is no doubt after a F1DT title and FEDT Turner 'pair' - while plenty of others will be after a 'doubling up' of awards (e.g. David is right in the Turner hunt in both). Next step Monaco - where we will no doubt see yet more league changes, and we have the first leg of round 1 of the Cup and Saucer!

DIUpdate - 9 May: Dick's tips for Spain? Close at the top with very few retirements (only TSU) - so those byzantine bonuses could be critical! DI's going for Phil to top the charts this week, I think the HAM/MER pairing might be the one to have. As for bottom I reckon it's TSU/TAU that is required and DI's plumping for Liam - despite his pit-stop!

DIUpdate - 4 May: Tiptastic! Niel did indeed take top spot and Pascale bottom - DI's feeling very smug! James L ran Niel very close (1 point) then it was Lucy, Rob, Richard C, Simon, Peter (a very good week for the Lott's there), James K, Yasin and Malcolm. Niel, Rob and Yasin did well (up 6,6,7) but biggest climber up 8 was Lucy. James K replaces Andrew at the top, then it's rookie Richard C, James L, Djamila, Niel, Jamie, Rob, Ben and Simon - with 86 points covering the top ten. Pascale pipped Pauline in the race for last place, then George, Manon (what a pit-stop!), Nick, Ross, David, Richard B, John Fi and John Fa. John Fi and DW took the biggest faller laurels, both down 6. Ross retains his Turner lead but Pascale moves 2nd, then Nick, Richard B and Pauline so Ross has some stiff Turner competition! Then it's David, John Fa, George, Manon and Sarah. No pre-Spain stoppers yet, will we see any before Thursday?

DIUpdate - 2 May: Dick's tips? Well it will be close but I'm tipping Niel for the top and Pascale for the bottom. Let's see how close I get to the real outcome!

DIUpdate - 30 Apr: So 15 stoppers for Portugal and all will no doubt be hoping for improvement in their position - whether that's moving up the table or down the table! Biggest pit-stop news must be Manon's move from 25 skill to 22 skill - looks like the defending Turner and Saucer holder is setting her sights on the defence of both titles!

DIUpdate - 20 Apr: Well I did OK on the tipping my choice for the top was James, and he indeed did take top spot in Imola - and I should have said James K, because I didn't mean James L! James (K) was only 1 point ahead of Djamila and three ahead of Andrew despite Dajmila and Andrew being NOR-free zones. We then had Jamie (one of the biggest climbers of the week, up 11 places), Ben (biggest climber of the week, up 19!), Liam (up 13) , George K, DW, Toby and James (L). Andrew takes over at the top, closely followed by James K and Dajmila, then it's Jamie, Richard C, Thomas, Ben, James L, Phil and Liam. At the bottom Yasin didn't lead the was but was very close - only 14 'behind' leader Ross and 3 behind Sarah. Nick was next, then we had another Turner titan in the shape of Pascale, followed by Peter, Jen, Malcolm, Mr T and Richard B. Ross stays in the Turner lead but he's got previous winners Nick, Richard B and Pascale right behind him. After that it's still very close, with John Fa, David, Pauline, Sarah, George, and Manon making up the rest of the bottom ten. Yasin was the biggest faller (down 16 places) but Peter (down 15) Simon (down 13) and Sarah (down 12) 'kept him company'. Will we see a pit-stop frenzy after Imola? We'll see!

DIUpdate - 18 Apr: Dick's Tips? Well you can't have VER/HAM so DI reckons it's the presence of NOR plus one of the top two that's needed for top spot - and only James has this with VER/NOR so that's DI's tip for the top (and his other drivers all finished, something of a novelty at Imola)! As for the bottom DI thinks LAT/BOT is a pairing to have and with MER/ WIL and HAA DI reckons Yasin is the one to beat!

DIUpdate - 2 Apr: And congratulations are also due to Andrew (4th no with MER or RED) and Simon (3rd with second-lowest driver scorer, ALO)

DIUpdate - 29 Mar: And none of the top 24!!

DIUpdate - 29 Mar: Any common factors - well MAZ is in every one of the bottom eight teams!

DIUpdate - 29 Mar: Flying starts for rookie Richard C (will he repeat the 2020 feat of Martin?) and Ross! At the top Richard C lead the way but the scores are all close so there is very little between the teams. Thomas lies 2nd then it's a 'big' 16 point gap to Simon then Andrew, Phil, Peter, James K, James L, Rob and Djamila. At the bottom it's Ross ahead of Richard B, Pauline, John Fa, David ('leading' the Blackburn-Clarke contest at the moment?) George, Pascale, Nick and then a little gap to John M and Manon. It's John Fa who is the outstanding performer here, a 25-skill selection but still 4th bottom, very impressive! Meanwhile all of the top ten are 26-skill selections. 20 days to the next race, will MER close the performance gap to RED, and is ALO finding the return to F1 tougher than he thought?

DIUpdate - 27 Mar: Great to see Richard allowed entry by DW - what a contest we have in store for the Turner (I assume that's what Richard's after with a 22-skill selection!).

DIUpdate - 25 Mar: Bahrain here we come! 39 TPs vying for glory and we'll certainly have a different Title winner from 2020 as we have no Martin - but can anyone land a second title to match Niel or Rob or will one of these two grab a 3rd winner's laurel? Who will come out 'ahead' in the Blackburn-Clarke battle? Can Corinna add to her vast array of silverware? Will it be Liam or Richard for rookie of the year? And while HAM is world champion he is the least popular driver in F1DT - along with GIO!

DIUpdate - 25 Mar: Just 10 hours to go as I write this before the flag drops and its go, go, go for F1DT 2021. How many more entrants will be see on deadline day? One thing is for sure, DW will be the final entrant!

DIUpdate - 24 Mar: Great to see two rookies (so far) on the grid - and Djamila back for a second season with a terrific team name nodding to the great Murrray Walker!

DIUpdate - 15 Mar: 32 entrants so far - which would, I guess, be perfect for the Cup and Saucer knock-out. However we'll have at least 33 (no DW yet) and probably a lot more than that!

DIUpdate - 14 Mar: A bevy of Butlers are on the grid including 22-star Nick (after the Turner methinks), FEDT Egg winner Anne-Marie and defending Turner/Saucer holder Manon (with 25 stars is this a surprise Turner effort - or has she got her eyes on the Title?). Last day of testing today - will that tell us anything?

DIUpdate - 13 Mar: We all mourn the passing of an F1 great - Murray Walker. But what a legacy he leaves!

DIUpdate - 8 Mar: Testing this coming weekend - expect to see a flurry of F1DT entries after Sunday!

DIUpdate - 20 Feb: A flurry of Turner contenders methinks - Pascale, John and Sarah. We are still waiting for defending Turner champion Manon, who is perhaps waiting for testing!

DIUpdate - 18 Feb: Still plenty of time for entry here on F1DT - but only 6 days left for your 'hat in the ring' moment on F1DT's close relative, FEDT. Don't miss the deadline!

DIUpdate - 17 Feb: 15 entrants already - with 36 days to go before the window shuts!