Cup Final : NLD + ITALeague Position(Lime is the Cup Winner)
Spirit of Scalextric928(5)vs(9)969Can you hear the drums Fernando?
Saucer Final : NLD + ITALeague Position(Magenta is the Saucer Winner)
More Haas-te, less speed784(40)vs(35)761Bottoms Up!
Cup Semi-Finals : HUN + BELLeague Position(Lime progress to Final)
Waste Oil Silo (still)!686(4)vs(5)694Spirit of Scalextric
AECOM Accelerators *580(15)vs(9)678Can you hear the drums Fernando?
Saucer Semi-Finals : HUN + BELLeague Position(Magenta progress to Final)
The Better Goodman GP693(26)vs(40)583More Haas-te, less speed
Batty Bananas583(37)vs(35)575Bottoms Up!
Cup Quarter-Finals : AUT + GBRLeague Position(Lime progress to SF)
Only Bulls and Horses1003(6)vs(5)1027Spirit of Scalextric
Bells Hells982(13)vs(4)1000Waste Oil Silo (still)!
Can you hear the drums Fernando?1054(9)vs(1)1033How many characters do I have for th
The Utopian Uopt1029(2)vs(15)1046AECOM Accelerators *
Saucer Quarter-Finals : AUT + GBRLeague Position(Magenta progress to SF)
The Better Goodman GP961(26)vs(31)968Tutty
Zoomed Out900(33)vs(37)778Batty Bananas
Bottoms Up!803(35)vs(32)92216 Sprocket
More Haas-te, less speed778(40)vs(25)919Anne-Marie’s Team
Cup Last 16 : FRA + STYLeague Position(Lime progress to QF)
ArtOcar957(17)vs(15)1078AECOM Accelerators *
Very Much Mistaken1043(8)vs(5)1129Spirit of Scalextric
In the Lap of the Gods1140(3)vs(1)1146How many characters do I have for th
Waste Oil Silo (still)!1078(4)vs(24)898McMurdoch
Can you hear the drums Fernando?1094(9)vs(10)1048Cumber GP *
Tutty919(31)vs(13)1058Bells Hells
Only Bulls and Horses990(6)vs(21)958Push the Button - 20 times
The Utopian Uopt1186(2)vs(27)897Ramblewood Racers
Saucer Last 16 : FRA + STYLeague Position(Magenta progress to QF)
Batty Bananas780(37)vs(39)794Roller Derby
Anne-Marie’s Team952(25)vs(22)1009Alfa One, and One for Stroll
The Better Goodman GP890(26)vs(8)1043Very Much Mistaken
Loose Racers844(36)vs(40)789More Haas-te, less speed
16 Sprocket861(32)vs(29)909Motörheads
Rottweilers1028(16)vs(33)914Zoomed Out
Bottoms Up!788(35)vs(20)1076ToYoda Yaris
Cup Initial Round : MCO + AZELeague Position(Lime progress to Last 16)
Motörheads915(29)vs(6)1064Only Bulls and Horses
Spirit of Scalextric1081(5)vs(22)912Alfa One, and One for Stroll
We’re doomed974(30)vs(15)1048AECOM Accelerators *
In the Lap of the Gods1038(3)vs(23)882Nigel Mansell’s Moustache!
Rottweilers943(16)vs(8)1033Very Much Mistaken
4711-EA-62997(19)vs(4)1066Waste Oil Silo (still)!
Well, we have to try...761(28)vs(31)888Tutty
Bottoms Up!900(35)vs(9)979Can you hear the drums Fernando?
Cumber GP *1112(10)vs(26)901The Better Goodman GP
Bells Hells1027(13)vs(12)1008Bring back Crashdonado
Ramblewood Racers1006(27)vs(14)932Negative Energy
Anne-Marie’s Team915(25)vs(17)943ArtOcar
The good, the bad, and the Haas1006(11)vs(2)1042The Utopian Uopt
McMurdoch981(24)vs(7)973Do Tsunoda Way?
Same Same Not Different1001(18)vs(21)1012Push the Button - 20 times
How many characters do I have for th1064(1)vs(20)864ToYoda Yaris
Saucer Initial Round : MCO + AZELeague Position(Magenta progress to Last 16)
Spirit of Scalextric1081(5)vs(8)1033Very Much Mistaken
Anne-Marie’s Team915(25)vs(13)1027Bells Hells
AECOM Accelerators *1048(15)vs(29)915Motörheads
McMurdoch981(24)vs(35)900Bottoms Up!
Zoomed Out868(33)vs(19)9974711-EA-62
Cumber GP *1112(10)vs(26)901The Better Goodman GP
Can you hear the drums Fernando?979(9)vs(36)889Loose Racers
Ramblewood Racers1006(27)vs(16)943Rottweilers
Roller Derby794(39)vs(14)932Negative Energy
Push the Button - 20 times1012(21)vs(40)846More Haas-te, less speed
In the Lap of the Gods1038(3)vs(17)943ArtOcar
Batty Bananas852(37)vs(34)874Mango
16 Sprocket864(32)vs(38)869Red Bull: The Lord of the Wings
Bring back Crashdonado1008(12)vs(31)888Tutty
We’re doomed974(30)vs(22)912Alfa One, and One for Stroll
ToYoda Yaris864(20)vs(23)882Nigel Mansell’s Moustache!
Preliminary Round : Pool ATotalResult
How many characters do I have for th (1)5415271068Cup
Same Same Not Different (18)484507991Cup
Spirit of Scalextric (5)527455982Cup + Saucer
Negative Energy (14)493477970Cup + Saucer
Alfa One, and One for Stroll (22)487471958Cup + Saucer
Motörheads (29)448464912Cup + Saucer
McMurdoch (24)456445901Cup + Saucer
Tutty (31)452413865Cup + Saucer
More Haas-te, less speed (40)413428841Saucer
Loose Racers (36)387378765Saucer
Preliminary Round : Pool BTotalResult
Do Tsunoda Way? (7)5594661025Cup
Waste Oil Silo (still)! (4)4945211015Cup
Rottweilers (16)527471998Cup + Saucer
Bring back Crashdonado (12)549440989Cup + Saucer
Bells Hells (13)467507974Cup + Saucer
ArtOcar (17)490478968Cup + Saucer
AECOM Accelerators * (15)539414953Cup + Saucer
Ramblewood Racers (27)449463912Cup + Saucer
16 Sprocket (32)443447890Saucer
Zoomed Out (33)394415809Saucer
Preliminary Round : Pool CTotalResult
The Utopian Uopt (2)5604931053Cup
Well, we have to try... (28)5235051028Cup
ToYoda Yaris (20)5164941010Cup + Saucer
Very Much Mistaken (8)500476976Cup + Saucer
Anne-Marie’s Team (25)471503974Cup + Saucer
Nigel Mansell’s Moustache! (23)494472966Cup + Saucer
Push the Button - 20 times (21)466427893Cup + Saucer
4711-EA-62 (19)458433891Cup + Saucer
Mango (34)398418816Saucer
Red Bull: The Lord of the Wings (38)402393795Saucer
Preliminary Round : Pool DTotalResult
Only Bulls and Horses (6)506490996Cup
The good, the bad, and the Haas (11)538441979Cup
The Better Goodman GP (26)479490969Cup + Saucer
Can you hear the drums Fernando? (9)503459962Cup + Saucer
In the Lap of the Gods (3)537418955Cup + Saucer
Cumber GP * (10)491400891Cup + Saucer
We’re doomed (30)431426857Cup + Saucer
Bottoms Up! (35)413428841Cup + Saucer
Batty Bananas (37)417415832Saucer
Roller Derby (39)365433798Saucer