RaceHighest ScoreLowest Score
Turkey595 (Waste Oil Silo (still)!)406 (Loose Racers)
Russia562 (Push the Button - 20 times)379 (Mango)
Italy548 (Motörheads)347 (Red Bull: The Lord of the Wings)
Netherlands550 (How many characters do I have for th)378 (Red Bull: The Lord of the Wings)
Belgium257 (Only Bulls and Horses)166 (Mango)
Hungary532 (ArtOcar / Negative Energy)273 (Motörheads)
Great Britain545 (Rottweilers)396 (Negative Energy)
Austria577 (How many characters do I have for th)334 (Batty Bananas / More Haas-te, less speed)
Styria584 (The Utopian Uopt)357 (We’re doomed)
France602 (The Utopian Uopt)407 (Bottoms Up!)
Azerbaijan580 (Cumber GP *)381 (Roller Derby)
Monaco545 (Very Much Mistaken)376 (Well, we have to try...)
Spain527 (How many characters do I have for th)378 (Loose Racers)
Portugal560 (The Utopian Uopt)365 (Roller Derby)
San Marino503 (Spirit of Scalextric)327 (More Haas-te, less speed)
Bahrain539 (AECOM Accelerators *)313 (More Haas-te, less speed)
RaceFirst Pit StopFastest Wheel Change
TurkeyMCL (RIC) Lap 21RED (VER) 2.15s
RussiaAST (STR) Lap 12MER (BOT) 2.45s
ItalyALF (GIO) Lap 1MCL (RIC) 2.40s
NetherlandsHAS (MSC) Lap 4RED (VER) 2.15s
BelgiumNot awardedNot awarded
HungaryRED (VER) Lap 1RED (VER) 1.88s
Great BritainFER (LEC) Lap 2WIL (LAT) 2.10s
AustriaALF (GIO) Lap 1RED (VER) 2.17s
StyriaFER (LEC) Lap 1RED (VER) 2.09s
FranceFER (LEC) Lap 14RED (PER) 2.04s
AzerbaijanWIL (RUS) Lap 1RED (VER) 1.98s
MonacoMER (HAM) Lap 29RED (VER) 2.02s
SpainALF (GIO) Lap 8AST (STR) 2.16s
PortugalFER (SAI) Lap 21RED (VER) 1.98s
San MarinoALP (OCO) Lap 1MER (BOT) 2.24s
BahrainRED (PER) Lap 2RED (VER) 1.93s
RaceFastest LapPenalty Bonus
TurkeyBOT (Lap 58) 1:30.432RIC/SAI - back of grid (Power units)
RussiaNOR (Lap 39) 1:37.423VER +18 place grid penalty (Causing a collision and Additional power unit)
ItalyRIC (Lap 53) 1:24.812BOT +10 places (Additional power unit)
NetherlandsHAM (Lap 72) 1:11.097LAT +5 places (Replacement gearbox)
BelgiumMAZ (Lap 1) 3:18.016BOT/STR +5 places (Causing a collision); NOR +5 places (Replacement gearbox)
HungaryGAS (Lap 70) 1:18.394MSC +5 places (Replacement gearbox)
Great BritainPER (Lap 50) 1:28.617RUS +3 places (Causing a collision)
AustriaVER (Lap 62) 1:06.200VET +3 places (Impeding another driver)
StyriaHAM (Lap 71) 1:07.058BOT +3 places (Dangerous driving); TSU +3 places (Impeding)
FranceVER (Lap 35) 1:36.404TSU +5 places (Replacement gearbox)
AzerbaijanVER (Lap 44) 1:44.481NOR +3 places (Failing to comply with red flags)
MonacoHAM (Lap 69) 1:12.909MSC +5 places (Replacement gearbox)
SpainVER (Lap 62) 1:18.149MAZ +3 places (Impeding another driver)
PortugalBOT (Lap 65) 1:19.865Not awarded
San MarinoHAM (Lap 60) 1:16.702TSU +5 places (Replacement gearbox)
BahrainBOT (Lap 56) 1:32.090VET +5 places (Failing to respect double yellow flags)
RacePost Race Notes
TurkeyNothing of note
RussiaSTR +10s (Causing a collision)
ItalyPER +5s (Gaining an advantage)
NetherlandsKubica replaced RAI (Covid self-isolation)
BelgiumSTR +10s (Car modified during stoppage)
HungaryVET - Disqualified (Technical infringement)
Great BritainNone
AustriaPER +10s / STR +5s / TSU +5s / RAI +20s / LAT +30s / MAZ +30s (A wide variety of offences!)
AzerbaijanLAT +30s (Failing to enter the pit lane during safety car period)
PortugalMAZ +5s (Ignoring blue flags)
San MarinoTSU +5s (Track limits) / STR +5s (Gaining an advantage) / RAI +30s (Rolling start infringement)
BahrainVET +10s (Causing a collision)