DI: Pascale has 'rollered' the dice....

DI: And can Peter retain his 3-point lead over Rob in the Global mini-League? If there are no pit-stops from either, then yes!

DW: Oh... And the Route-66 is down to a fantastic four!

DW: ...And for the final time this season - the pit lane is open!

DW: The points from an eventful race are in and unlike the real F1, we may already have a winner!

DI: And GIO apparently doing well.

DI: And now apparently TSU's car is on fire!

DI: RUS out - should help Ross, Pascale and Richard B in the Turner.

DI: And now OCO in the lead! Will this help David in the Turner tussle?

DI: MSC out - is that the end of Niel's challenge for the title?

RW: Ahaa!

DW: Two races to go... And for the first time I can recall, the real F1 championship is closer than F1DT!

DBC: Oh well, it was worth a gamble!

DI: So at the bottom an OCO or ALO retirement helps Pascale (with ALP), while a VET or STR retirement helps Ross (with AST), while Richard B needs a poor showing from GIO. At the top Niel needs LAT to retire early to gain ground on Rob. Much to play for!

JL: Time to gamble

DW: Well... That's an interesting result!

DI: Ros needs an AST retirement - Niel needs a MSC miracle!

DI: What's this? HAM and VER both being investigated for transgresions? Watch those potential penalty bonuses!

DI: Half an hour to go before the pit-stop window shuts and still just 2 TPs making changes so far - will we see any last-minute pit-stop action?

DI: Pascale into the pits - seeking to consolidate her lead in the Turner mayhap?

DW: A three-way tie for the top MEX score and only seven left in the Route 66!

DI: MSC apparently out early in Mexico - could be decisive in the title race!

DI: STR and TSU apparently at the back of the grid - could penalty bonuses be about to affect the Turner race?

DI: Still just Liam and Nick in the pits with 7 hours to go!

DI: Liam's in the pits - seeking to consolidate his top rookie position mayhap?

DW: ...And close at the bottom with a very prompt pit stopper already!

DW: The scores are in... And it's close at the top!

DW: I've fixed the flag dates for the forthcoming events ready for a triple-header... Points from USA will appear on Thursday!

DW: So they are... I thought I was doing well to keep the events in the right order!

Mr T: Mexican GP is the 7th November, with Brazil the week after! Just saying Mr B as the flags have got the wrong dates on them!

DI: Bad news for Andrew with GAS (in a TAU) out!

DI: What's this? VET, ALO and RUS (and maybe BOT) have penalty bonuses. Could this affect the Title and Turner races?

DI: Still James is the only stopper with 3 hours to go - will he be alone or will more join him closer to the closure of the window?

DI: James L is the first to stop pre-Austin - trying to stay ahead of Peter perhaps?

DW: The scores are in... Not a very large range!

DW: A change of livery for RedBull this weekend!

DW: Should be back online for any F1 comments...

DW: I may have resolved it... Time will tell!

DW: The F1DT blog appears to have been attacked by a form-filling maniac... A spambot! I think I have it under control but the blog is down for the moment and new comments won't appear...

DI: SAI at the back of the grid - could this handicap (or help) Rob and Niel? Will James K gain? We'll see!

DI: 2 stoppers so far - Yasin (looking to move up methinks) and Pascale (looking to move down methinks). Let's see if it 'comes good' for either of them!

DW: Qatar added to the calendar for this year on 21 November!

DI: TWO TPs with highest and lowest scores in one season in F1DT (Chris and Ian B) - unbelievable!

DW: The scores are in...

DI: But LAT out as well - but late. Will this count as full race distance? Could be key!

DI: MSC out and LAT still in - good news for Rob in the Rob V Niel battle!

DI: Apparently LAT has an engine penalty - should favour Rob in the Rob V Niel battle!

DW: No FP3 because it's raining and the drivers will get wet pants... It's in danger of becoming a fine weather only sport!

DI: And one for VER from the last race in Monza?

DI: Penalty bonus for LEC in Russia by the looks of things!

DI: Simon, Andrew and James K out of the Route-66 in Italy - now 11 left to fight it out for the trophy. Can Jen (the lowest placed TP still in the contest) win through we wonder!

DI: Well done Corinna, good to see such sports(wo)manhip. Can anyone esle match Corinna and now Niel and claim all the titles? Very tough but you never know!

CSC: Congratulations to Neil in matching my longstanding record. if only I could win another trophy, maybe next year. I feel my end of term report will say "plenty of room for improvement"!!

DI: Indeed, I suspect Niel must be very pleased. Can he now become the first TP to claim 3 Championships? I suspect Rob (also after his 3rd title), James K, Andrew (chasing his 2nd) and Djamila (plus possibly others) may want to have him remain at 2!

DW: More importantly, Niel completes a full house of trophies and awards to match the achievement of Corinna! Just 16 years to collect the full set...

DI: Ian B joins Corinna in the pits!

DI: Niel and Rob have shared the European title (Rob's 4th). Will they perhaps share the Championship or can either pull ahead? Of will someone else overtake them both!

DI: Corinna is into the pits!

DI: Full write-up to come but a real F1DT rarity achieved by Chris - top and bottom scores in the same season, quite fantastic!

DW: All is revealed but I'll leave the post-race analysis to DI

DW: Scores tomorrow...

DI: Looks like VER has a penalty bonus for the next race!

DI: European mini-league will be close - does LAT (Rob) or MSC (Niel) have more points gained? In the Cup final has James K done enough to snatch the title from Neil, and in the Saucer has David done enough to close the gap on Ross? Brilliant!

DI: GAS and TSU out - does this help Nick and inconvenience Andrew?

DI: And maybe a BOT penalty bonus will help Neil in the Cup final as well?

DI: Looks like BOT will get a penalty bonus (engine change) - will help Rob and Niel in their battle with James K and Andrew!

DI: We have our first pre-Italy stopper - Turner leader Ross!

DI: No stoppers with less than 24 hours to go. Will anyone make a move or will everyone sit tight?

DI: Did I say David was a little way back in the race for the Turner in the write-up - it should have been Manon and those after her, David is right in the title battle!

NE: Rus to be 2022 bargain?

DW: The points from Holland are in...

DI: We'll have to see what DW determines!

NE: Russell 3 star bargain ๐Ÿคž

DI: BOT to ALF on the news. Can RUS to MER be far behind? I wonder what the driver star ratings DW will decide on will be next year?!

DW: It's all gone orange... ๐ŸŠ

DI: Unluckiest TP in Belgium? Surely Jamie who lost his place in the Route-66!

DW: Sounds like they were making it up as they went along... Or rather, sat in the pit lane!

DW: Extract from FIA Official Result: Results have been calculated in accordance with Article 51.14 of the FIA Formula One Sporting Regulations, namely at the end of lap 1 being the penultimate lap
before the lap during which the signal to suspend the race was given. However, for the determination of points, Article 6.5 is applicable, the leader having crossed
the Control Line 3 times, therefore complying with the requirement for the leader to have completed more than 2 laps in order for half points to be awarded.

DW: The points are in... Important to note that as per the F1DT rules, the race distance has remained as 44 laps!

DW: I feel a headache coming on...

DI: And does everyone get 'full race distance'?

DI: But what do half points count for we wonder? Over to the man whose decision matters, DW!

DW: Qualifying points only I imagine if no racing...

DI: I wonder what DW will rule if there is no race?

DI: The LAT V MSC (at the top) and RAI V GIO (at the bottom) battles will be interesting!

DI: With a weather affected race could be some big changes in the Cup and Saucer!

DI: Could be a surprise podium today with heavy rain in Spa and retirements and penalty bonusus could be key! PER out already!

DW: Whatever happened to just getting on with it as a wet race!

DI: 13 minutes to go and still just Pascale in the pits!

DI: Still Pascale is our only stopper - with less than 24 hours to go!

DI: Just a couple of days to go before the pit-stop window closes for Spa - and still Pascale is our only stopper. Will she be flying solo come 21.01 on 26/08 or will others be joining her?

DW: Slight problem with the hit counter to be resolved later!

DW: Japan now removed from 2021...

DI: If Japan has been cancelled because of covid surely Brazil will be - but not if Jair Bolsonaro has any say in the matter!

DI: So Pascale has 'roller'ed the dice and made a pit-stop. Will it be just her or will she be joined by other TPs before Spa?

DW: The scores from an eventful Hungarian Goulash are now in... VET is now officially DSQ but scores Lap Points - and it's carnage in the Route 66!

DI: Obviously an F1 enthusiast our Pascale - disappointed for Sebastian Vettel despite it meaning more points for her - whihc she doesn't want in her pursuit of the Turner!

DW: Going to have to wait until 1200 on Thursday before I input the scores (as per the Rules tab) to allow for any changes to be made by the FIA... VET is still classified as 2nd!

NE: Very sad but I'll take the extra points ๐Ÿ˜‚

PBC: I am disappointed he was demoted for a technicality. He drove such a good race

DI: Lap points for VET - so that's 50 for full race distance. Pascale and company will be disappointed!

DW: In F1DT land, VET will get lap points but no championship or improvement points...

DI: So potentially VET goes from 2nd place and a complete race to no-where and 0 laps completed - could make quite a difference, I'll bet Pascale and company are relieved!

DW: VET disqualified from 2nd...

DW: ...And the FIA website is now offline!

DW: Also OCO under investigation for not following procedure at the finish, SAI /BOT/STR/VET also being investigated for wearing the wrong clothing - We Race As One T-Shirts! They've got to find a way of giving HAM the victory somehow...

DI: Maybe those at the bottom won't score as heavily as I thought!

DW: Perhaps not so fast... VET under investigation for not having sufficient fuel in the car for testing after the race! Points will have to wait for the verdict...

DI: LAT leading the LAT/MSC Rob/Niel tussle at the top - could European master Rob be taking the lead?

DI: Could be drama in the first leg of the Cup and Saucer....

DI: And now OCO leads - bad news for all the Turner contenders, good news for James L! And HAM last!

DI: Could we see one of the Turner contenders top-scoring? A lot of the table-toppers will have at least one driver out!

YZ: Well I'm not going to be high scoring this weekend. Three drivers out on first lap ๐Ÿ™

DI: Will the Title (and Turner) races come down to penalty bonuses?

DI: A pit-stop for David - and Pauline and Liam!

DI: And David has already made a stop - in preparation for his Saucer semi-final perhaps!

DW: Indeed not... But the points are revealed!

DI: Reading the rules apparently not - they talk about grid place penalties, not any that are imposed in the race.

DI: Does HAM get a penalty bonus as well? Could affect things!

DI: VER out on lap 1, that must help Richard C!

DI: So PER (I think) gets no qualification points - but on the plus side for TPs who have PER I suspect he will get a lot of improvement points!

DI: Could that WIL into Q3 with RUS help Richard C in his Cup battle with Niel?

DW: The finishing order of the Sprint is the starting order for the GP...

DI: So the 'winner' of the sprint race is on pole - yes or no?

DW: Right... The Friday Eve qualifying will be used as the usual qualifying session and the Starting Grid will be as per the results of the Sprint Race - so the Sprint will not actually affect the scores.

DW: What will the first F1 Sprint Race bring and how will it affect the scoring system?

DI: Or first pit-stop bonus?

DI: Could the title and Turner yet be decided by a penalty bonus?

DI: And Lucy makes it two stoppers so far!

DW: ...And the first opportunity to see how the Sprint Race works!

DI: Mr. T is our first pre-Silverstone stopper!

DW: Australia now off the calendar... Again!

DW: It appears that any penalties did not affect the outcome of the race... However, I have now added a new item to the Links tab - Driver Penalty Points which is how many each has on their Super Licence!

DI: If 11 drivers get penalized then all DI tips are off!

DW: Scores will appear later today... Was awaiting the verdict following 11 drivers being called to the Steward's Office after the race!

DI: Just 3 hours to go as I write this and Ian B is still our only stopper!

DI: Under a day to go until the pit-stop window closes and Ian B is still our only stopper!

DI: Ian B is in for a change!

DI: Will we see pit-stops before next weekend?

DW: The qualifying positions points are awarded based on the starting grid for the drivers... But on the qualifying session for the teams! SO, NOR is 3rd and BOT isn't!

DI: What are the qualification positions that DW determines for NOR and BOT? Could be key at the top of the table!

DW: Turkey now back on the calendar...

DI: 5 stoppers - but what changes have they made? We'll find out soon!

DI: Will the multi-lingual DW turn to Austrian after Spielberg?

DW: On ne reste que quelques jours pour apporter des modifications avant la prochaine course...

DW: Les points du Grand Prix de France sont disponibles !

DI: Djamila makes a change - preparing for the double header in the Cup and Saucer perhaps - but who knows which?

DI: David makes a 3rd stop - looking to close on the bottom five and in preparation for his last 16 tie in the Saucer no doubt!

DW: I've made a decision to ditch the Commonwealth Mini League this year... Running out of races to include!

DW: The draws for the next round of the Cup and Saucer competitions has been made...

DI: Now Lucy joined by Ian B!

DI: Lucy is our first stopper before the French GP!

YZ: Don't worry, I'm not setting up a breakaway F1 league :D

DW: Perhaps... But it's what makes F1DT different!

DI: DW's got this covered in the last sentence of the rules - 'The referee for the 2021 season will be yours truly (Der Webmeister) and all his decisions will be final - be warned!'

YZ: Don't think I agree with the fastest lap going to someone who didn't actually finish in the top ten. I did on the other hand suggest a few seasons ago that the points awarded for pentalies be a deduction rather than a bonus to scoring (but sshhh as I got 10 points from Nando's penalty).

DW: There has been a short disruption to F1DT land... Back now!

DI: Is James L suggesting a new contest for DW - the 'worst pit stop' award? But with the Turner and the League title who is to say what's worst? A pit-stop that led to a dramatic drop in points may be just what Turner / Saucer contenders require!

JL: Worst. Pit. Stop. Ever.

DI: TPs with VER will be pleased that DW's arrangement regarding fastest lap is different from the FIA's - and Rob obviously has little faith in DI's tipping!

DW: Still awaiting the DHL Fastest Pit Stop verdict...

DW: I do not follow the FIA rules of only awarding a fastest lap to those in the top 10... If you're fastest, you get the 10 points!

RW: Oh no, I was thinking I might be on for the win but now I see that DI's tipped me for top spot!

DI: With, for example, VER and RUS not finishing but classified (by the FIA), VER geting the fastest lap but it not counting as he's not in the top ten I can empathise with DW's scoring problems!

DW: This could take a while to sort out the points... Going to be a few lengthy debates with the FIA I feel...

DI: Could see big changes at the bottom too with VET doing well.

DI: VER out! Could we see Rob or James L leap to the top of the table?

DI: Race in India or Nepal anyone?

DW: Singapore appears to be another casualty...

DI: Yes - James L and John M!

DI: The pit-stop window is open for just 3 more days - will we see anyone joining Mr T?

DI: Common factors in the bottom five? VET/MAZ/HAS. Common features in the top five? Only FER!

DI: Mr T is into the pits already - looking, no doubt, to gain yet more places in Baku!

DW: The points from Monaco are in... LEC was classed as pole position!

YZ: Rather have F1 in a two week quarantine in Turkey and a track for racing than Monaco parade.

DW: Praise be for the MER wheel nut!

YZ: Wake me up when something interesting happens. Boring parade

DW: I will refer to the official paperwork... My initial view is that he's on pole but failed to complete a lap... or even start!

DI: Now here's an interesting issue for DW to rule on - is LEC on pole (because he got it yesterday) or not on pole (because he isn't starting)?

DI: Remember it's the Monaco GP - so the pit-stop window closes tomorrow (Wednesday)!

YZ: Turkey is a good track, Bottas or no Bottas.

JL: Bottas holders rejoice. No Turkey! ๐Ÿฆƒ

DW: More shuffling of the 2021 calendar... Turkey OUT, France earlier and Styrian GP added!

DI: Three stoppers so far including Turner leader Ross - maybe feeling the presence of the four Turner giants close behind him!

DI: First leg of the first round 'proper' of the Cup and Saucer coming up in a couple of weeks in Monaco - will we see any changes?

DW: I have found the missing information from another reliable source...

DI: I'm still of the view that those bonuses could be crucial!

DW: The points are almost ready... But the pit stop data is not available on the FIA website - DW can't be 100% sure who gets the first pit stop bonus!

DI: Liam and Richard B have pitted so far - will we see more?

DW: The points are in from Portugal and the pit lane is open... For those that are permitted!

DI: Spain next weekend - will we see a blizzard of pit-stops (featuring those who are eligible to stop)?

DI: Will our three BOT/VER TPs (Niel, Simon, Toby) do well in Portugal - or will it be retirements all round!

DI: I see 5 TPs dropped ALO in the pit-stop - in Portugal first two practice sessions it appears they've now got his car working properly!

DW: Latest update: Canada OUT, Turkey IN...

DI: 13 stoppers now with 3rd placed Djamila the highest 'ranked'.

DI: 11 stoppers so far with 2 days to go before the pit-stop window closes. Will we see any more?

DI: And now Mr T is in!

DI: Corinna, Niel and Ian B have made pit-stops already. Is this the early stages of a pit-stop tsunami?

DW: Fixed it... The pit lane should now be available. Remember that you cannot make pit stops at consecutive races, so it might be worth checking the Cup & Saucer draws before making adjustments!

DW: The scores from an eventful Imola are revealed... The pit lane will open shortly for any refinements to be made - but there will be a delay to allow DW to check it's all working!

DW: The draw for the initial Cup and Saucer pools is now available in readiness for a pit stop frenzy after Imola!

DI: Best qualification? Surely 3-skill GAS!

DW: www.whendidmazepinspin.com

DW: Mazespin into the wall - Red flag!

DI: Is MAZ destined to be the F1 2021 version of Grand National winner Foinaven?

DW: First free practice just started.... And Mazespin is in the gravel!

DW: The points from Bahrain are revealed... Note that there are no pit stops permitted until after the next race!

DI: To not manage 1 lap is pretty impressive. MAZ / ALO / LAT / GAS / VET is a Turner impressive driver line-up (if it's legal) and ALP / ALP / HAA (if that's legal) would do well on the car front!

DW: ...And the honour of being the first faller of the 2021 season goes to Mazerspin!

DW: As a note, I have accepted a late entry from a seasoned campaigner - I can't see that they have an advantage and it makes the Cup & Saucer draws easier with 40 teams!

DW: Well... That was more exciting than usual!

DI: Is TSU the surprise package?

DI: Is 'goldfinger' DW after a Title?

DW: Well, we have 39 entries on the starting grid... Let's see what 2021 brings!

DI: No sign of the 2020 champion Martin yet.

LC: Thanks for the invite Pascale. Looking forward to the new season :-D

DW: Less than 7 days to go...

YZ: A sad loss of one of the most enthusiastic F1 super fans.

DW: A true master... Either the car is stationary, or it's on the move!

NE: Murray :(

DW: It's a nice suggestion but maybe people could make a small donation to a charity of their own choice.

Ben: Thanks DW, but a small thought....if anyone is interested, how about we pay the fee but it gets put towards a notable charity?? (cue discussions on which charity....?!)

DW: There is no fee for 2021... Just enjoy the chaos!

YZ: Is the fee for F1 still applicable this year? Can't see it on the page.

DI: Jamie's team name is pretty good too.

DI: Just 2 days to go before the FEDT entry deadline - get your batttery-powered entry in now!

DI: Well I reckon James is leading in the 'best team name' race!

DW: In answer to Rob... 36 characters!

CC: Youโ€™ve got to be in it to win it! Thatโ€™s probably the kiss of death and Iโ€™ll end up mid table!!!

DW: And now a seventh... The F1DT legend - Push The Button!

DW: That was quick... 6 teams already!

DW: The Entry Form for 2021 is now available and some have found it before I've advertised it!

DI: I see Lewis Hamilton has got a knighthood in the New Year's honours. Why DW hasn't been recognised yet still defeats me....