DI: Will the Title (and Turner) races come down to penalty bonuses?

DI: A pit-stop for David - and Pauline and Liam!

DI: And David has already made a stop - in preparation for his Saucer semi-final perhaps!

DW: Indeed not... But the points are revealed!

DI: Reading the rules apparently not - they talk about grid place penalties, not any that are imposed in the race.

DI: Does HAM get a penalty bonus as well? Could affect things!

DI: VER out on lap 1, that must help Richard C!

DI: So PER (I think) gets no qualification points - but on the plus side for TPs who have PER I suspect he will get a lot of improvement points!

DI: Could that WIL into Q3 with RUS help Richard C in his Cup battle with Niel?

DW: The finishing order of the Sprint is the starting order for the GP...

DI: So the 'winner' of the sprint race is on pole - yes or no?

DW: Right... The Friday Eve qualifying will be used as the usual qualifying session and the Starting Grid will be as per the results of the Sprint Race - so the Sprint will not actually affect the scores.

DW: What will the first F1 Sprint Race bring and how will it affect the scoring system?

DI: Or first pit-stop bonus?

DI: Could the title and Turner yet be decided by a penalty bonus?

DI: And Lucy makes it two stoppers so far!

DW: ...And the first opportunity to see how the Sprint Race works!

DI: Mr. T is our first pre-Silverstone stopper!

DW: Australia now off the calendar... Again!

DW: It appears that any penalties did not affect the outcome of the race... However, I have now added a new item to the Links tab - Driver Penalty Points which is how many each has on their Super Licence!

DI: If 11 drivers get penalized then all DI tips are off!

DW: Scores will appear later today... Was awaiting the verdict following 11 drivers being called to the Steward's Office after the race!

DI: Just 3 hours to go as I write this and Ian B is still our only stopper!

DI: Under a day to go until the pit-stop window closes and Ian B is still our only stopper!

DI: Ian B is in for a change!

DI: Will we see pit-stops before next weekend?

DW: The qualifying positions points are awarded based on the starting grid for the drivers... But on the qualifying session for the teams! SO, NOR is 3rd and BOT isn't!

DI: What are the qualification positions that DW determines for NOR and BOT? Could be key at the top of the table!

DW: Turkey now back on the calendar...

DI: 5 stoppers - but what changes have they made? We'll find out soon!

DI: Will the multi-lingual DW turn to Austrian after Spielberg?

DW: On ne reste que quelques jours pour apporter des modifications avant la prochaine course...

DW: Les points du Grand Prix de France sont disponibles !

DI: Djamila makes a change - preparing for the double header in the Cup and Saucer perhaps - but who knows which?

DI: David makes a 3rd stop - looking to close on the bottom five and in preparation for his last 16 tie in the Saucer no doubt!

DW: I've made a decision to ditch the Commonwealth Mini League this year... Running out of races to include!

DW: The draws for the next round of the Cup and Saucer competitions has been made...

DI: Now Lucy joined by Ian B!

DI: Lucy is our first stopper before the French GP!

YZ: Don't worry, I'm not setting up a breakaway F1 league :D

DW: Perhaps... But it's what makes F1DT different!

DI: DW's got this covered in the last sentence of the rules - 'The referee for the 2021 season will be yours truly (Der Webmeister) and all his decisions will be final - be warned!'

YZ: Don't think I agree with the fastest lap going to someone who didn't actually finish in the top ten. I did on the other hand suggest a few seasons ago that the points awarded for pentalies be a deduction rather than a bonus to scoring (but sshhh as I got 10 points from Nando's penalty).

DW: There has been a short disruption to F1DT land... Back now!

DI: Is James L suggesting a new contest for DW - the 'worst pit stop' award? But with the Turner and the League title who is to say what's worst? A pit-stop that led to a dramatic drop in points may be just what Turner / Saucer contenders require!

JL: Worst. Pit. Stop. Ever.

DI: TPs with VER will be pleased that DW's arrangement regarding fastest lap is different from the FIA's - and Rob obviously has little faith in DI's tipping!

DW: Still awaiting the DHL Fastest Pit Stop verdict...

DW: I do not follow the FIA rules of only awarding a fastest lap to those in the top 10... If you're fastest, you get the 10 points!

RW: Oh no, I was thinking I might be on for the win but now I see that DI's tipped me for top spot!

DI: With, for example, VER and RUS not finishing but classified (by the FIA), VER geting the fastest lap but it not counting as he's not in the top ten I can empathise with DW's scoring problems!

DW: This could take a while to sort out the points... Going to be a few lengthy debates with the FIA I feel...

DI: Could see big changes at the bottom too with VET doing well.

DI: VER out! Could we see Rob or James L leap to the top of the table?

DI: Race in India or Nepal anyone?

DW: Singapore appears to be another casualty...

DI: Yes - James L and John M!

DI: The pit-stop window is open for just 3 more days - will we see anyone joining Mr T?

DI: Common factors in the bottom five? VET/MAZ/HAS. Common features in the top five? Only FER!

DI: Mr T is into the pits already - looking, no doubt, to gain yet more places in Baku!

DW: The points from Monaco are in... LEC was classed as pole position!

YZ: Rather have F1 in a two week quarantine in Turkey and a track for racing than Monaco parade.

DW: Praise be for the MER wheel nut!

YZ: Wake me up when something interesting happens. Boring parade

DW: I will refer to the official paperwork... My initial view is that he's on pole but failed to complete a lap... or even start!

DI: Now here's an interesting issue for DW to rule on - is LEC on pole (because he got it yesterday) or not on pole (because he isn't starting)?

DI: Remember it's the Monaco GP - so the pit-stop window closes tomorrow (Wednesday)!

YZ: Turkey is a good track, Bottas or no Bottas.

JL: Bottas holders rejoice. No Turkey! 🦃

DW: More shuffling of the 2021 calendar... Turkey OUT, France earlier and Styrian GP added!

DI: Three stoppers so far including Turner leader Ross - maybe feeling the presence of the four Turner giants close behind him!

DI: First leg of the first round 'proper' of the Cup and Saucer coming up in a couple of weeks in Monaco - will we see any changes?

DW: I have found the missing information from another reliable source...

DI: I'm still of the view that those bonuses could be crucial!

DW: The points are almost ready... But the pit stop data is not available on the FIA website - DW can't be 100% sure who gets the first pit stop bonus!

DI: Liam and Richard B have pitted so far - will we see more?

DW: The points are in from Portugal and the pit lane is open... For those that are permitted!

DI: Spain next weekend - will we see a blizzard of pit-stops (featuring those who are eligible to stop)?

DI: Will our three BOT/VER TPs (Niel, Simon, Toby) do well in Portugal - or will it be retirements all round!

DI: I see 5 TPs dropped ALO in the pit-stop - in Portugal first two practice sessions it appears they've now got his car working properly!

DW: Latest update: Canada OUT, Turkey IN...

DI: 13 stoppers now with 3rd placed Djamila the highest 'ranked'.

DI: 11 stoppers so far with 2 days to go before the pit-stop window closes. Will we see any more?

DI: And now Mr T is in!

DI: Corinna, Niel and Ian B have made pit-stops already. Is this the early stages of a pit-stop tsunami?

DW: Fixed it... The pit lane should now be available. Remember that you cannot make pit stops at consecutive races, so it might be worth checking the Cup & Saucer draws before making adjustments!

DW: The scores from an eventful Imola are revealed... The pit lane will open shortly for any refinements to be made - but there will be a delay to allow DW to check it's all working!

DW: The draw for the initial Cup and Saucer pools is now available in readiness for a pit stop frenzy after Imola!

DI: Best qualification? Surely 3-skill GAS!

DW: www.whendidmazepinspin.com

DW: Mazespin into the wall - Red flag!

DI: Is MAZ destined to be the F1 2021 version of Grand National winner Foinaven?

DW: First free practice just started.... And Mazespin is in the gravel!

DW: The points from Bahrain are revealed... Note that there are no pit stops permitted until after the next race!

DI: To not manage 1 lap is pretty impressive. MAZ / ALO / LAT / GAS / VET is a Turner impressive driver line-up (if it's legal) and ALP / ALP / HAA (if that's legal) would do well on the car front!

DW: ...And the honour of being the first faller of the 2021 season goes to Mazerspin!

DW: As a note, I have accepted a late entry from a seasoned campaigner - I can't see that they have an advantage and it makes the Cup & Saucer draws easier with 40 teams!

DW: Well... That was more exciting than usual!

DI: Is TSU the surprise package?

DI: Is 'goldfinger' DW after a Title?

DW: Well, we have 39 entries on the starting grid... Let's see what 2021 brings!

DI: No sign of the 2020 champion Martin yet.

LC: Thanks for the invite Pascale. Looking forward to the new season :-D

DW: Less than 7 days to go...

YZ: A sad loss of one of the most enthusiastic F1 super fans.

DW: A true master... Either the car is stationary, or it's on the move!

NE: Murray :(

DW: It's a nice suggestion but maybe people could make a small donation to a charity of their own choice.

Ben: Thanks DW, but a small thought....if anyone is interested, how about we pay the fee but it gets put towards a notable charity?? (cue discussions on which charity....?!)

DW: There is no fee for 2021... Just enjoy the chaos!

YZ: Is the fee for F1 still applicable this year? Can't see it on the page.

DI: Jamie's team name is pretty good too.

DI: Just 2 days to go before the FEDT entry deadline - get your batttery-powered entry in now!

DI: Well I reckon James is leading in the 'best team name' race!

DW: In answer to Rob... 36 characters!

CC: You’ve got to be in it to win it! That’s probably the kiss of death and I’ll end up mid table!!!

DW: And now a seventh... The F1DT legend - Push The Button!

DW: That was quick... 6 teams already!

DW: The Entry Form for 2021 is now available and some have found it before I've advertised it!

DI: I see Lewis Hamilton has got a knighthood in the New Year's honours. Why DW hasn't been recognised yet still defeats me....